Monday, June 12, 2006

I was the victim of a Hit and Trot....

You'll never believe what happened to me....

I leave work on Saturday evening, I have the dog in the back seat and a co-worker in the passenger seat because I'm taking her home.

On the side of the road there are 2 people riding horses on the median, and a car following slowly behind blocking the outside lane of traffic. Two more horses are ridden up, and one of them gets a little wild. He bucks, and kicks another horse, which is ridden by a young boy.

The horse that was kicked gets spooked, and starts bucking erractically. I fear the boy being bucked off and me running him over, so I come to a complete stop. The horse changes directions, and smacks smooth into my car. Yup... the one that I bought a mere 6 weeks ago. Boomer yelps and dives into the floorboard behind my seat. Poor baby has probably never even seen a horse before.

Oh, and I'm not done. The boy was still on the car when the horse hit me, so he had his leg smashed. The horse rares up, stomps on the roof of the car, and the boy falls off onto the street. The horse comes down and lands on the boy. I know, because I heard him scream. The horse turns, and hits the car again, then hauls ass down the road. Another person gets off of one of the horses, and comes to get the boy, and puts him in the car. Then the horses ride off to get the one that darted down the street. They bring him back up, but he's holding his hoof up, and the lowest joint (what would be our wrist) appears to be broken. (probably from the dents he put in the car roof) The boy is bleeding and crying.

I'm on the phone with 911, giving the ambulance directions to come out and check on the boy. After that I was going to call the vet from the shelter and have her come tend to the horse. The "parents" decide it's a good idea to put their son back on this horse that was just involved in a car wreck and is now very scared and injured. Then they all hop back on their horses, grab the injured one by the halter, and run down the street away from me.

The car is still there, so I have the girl who is with me get the tag number. Sure as shit, the fire truck pulls up and the car takes off also. The firetruck goes to look for the boy on the horse instead of the car (good decision to me, that boy needed a trip to the hospital)

When the ambulance, police, and other firetrucks show up they all go in different ways to look for these people. And... don't find them.

I've filed it with my insurance, and as soon as I can come up with enough money for the deductable I'll have it fixed.

Now taking from Miss Anne's blog, I have come up with a few gratefuls.

1. That I wasn't injured.

2. That the horse didn't come through the windshield when he rared up and land in my friend's lap.

3. That the little boy wasn't killed after being hit by my car. Even though my car ended up damaged because of my decision, I'd rather pay the deductable then know that a car I was driving killed a child.

And that's it folks. A Hit and Trot.